Fashion Industry has a Waste Problem but it is Planned

Piles of discarded clothes creating waste
Image Source: BBC
Image Source: The Sustainable Fashion Collective
Definition of Waste Led Design
Image Source: Slow Factory Foundation
  • Question yourself whether you really need it: Next time you see a sale sign offering you flat 50% per cent off or buy one get one free, pause and think. Think whether you really need the clothes or are you just buying them because you feel you are supposedly getting a good deal.
  • Make good investments: Look at your denim jacket or jeans and think of how long they have been there with you. It’s not just a stroke of luck, it is because you invested in a material that is designed to last long. Find more such materials to invest in.
  • Don’t give up on your clothes just yet: Personally, as an Indian, I have seen garments that have been in the family for years and worn by generations. Evidently, they were pretty good investments as they still look as cool as they did back then. It doesn’t always have to be a generational or family thing. You can swap clothes with your friends or find somebody else who could use them instead of throwing them away.
  • Upcycle and Resale: Two things that play a key role in living a sustainable lifestyle are these. Upcycling or repurposing your clothes to continue using them extends their lifespan and significantly lowers your carbon footprint. Resale applies to you both as a consumer and seller. Thrift stores and resale sites are cropping up everywhere, you can sell the clothes you no longer need and get something new in exchange. This way you are updating your wardrobe without affecting the environment adversely.
Quote from Slow Factory Foundation talking about ecosystem over aesthetics
Image Source: Slow Factory Foundation



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